Ways Of Creating Backlinks Back To Your Site

Syndication and News

Article sites such as iSnare, GoArticles and EzineArticles are excellent places to get backlinks from. Your article will be featured in the main page of these websites at least for a moment, giving you tons of clicks and exposure in no time. Submit an article to an industry news site right away, as this action will give you tons of exposure over time. Press release sites are awesome sources of backlinks for any website out there. PRWeb and PRLead are important sites in the press release landscape, and you should take advantage of them right away.

Social Bookmarking, Meme Trackers and Directories

Submit your website to popular site directories such as DMOz and Yahoo Directory to get even more high quality backlinks. You can even create your very own topical directory about any field you are interested in. Social bookmarking sites are an excellent source of additional backlinks for your site. Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon are some of the most popular social bookmarking sites out there. If you publish fresh, high quality content on a regular basis, a meme tracker can help you get even more backlinks for your site.


Guest posting is an excellent way of getting backlinks from authority blogs in your niche. You just have to find the most popular blogs in your niche letting the owner of the blog know that you want to write a useful article for the blog. These are great backlinks because you will be getting both tons of traffic and high quality links in no time. Make sure the blog has a PR3 or above and the Alexa rank should be less than 500,000. These are the factors you need to take into consideration before submitting articles to any blog in your niche.

Business and Local Links

You can submit your site to the BBB.org, which can give you tons of reputation in no time. What about a link from your local chamber of commerce? This is a great link and you should get it right away. Submitting your site to relevant state or city governmental resources is a great way to get even more reputable, high quality backlinks. Listing your site in your local library's site is important too. Your business partners, retailers and suppliers might be willing to link to any of your sites, and you should use their aid right away.

Free Links

Head to Craigslist and get some cheap or fee links from this online service. Quora and Yahoo Answers are also great places to get backlinks to your website. Google Groups is another great place to get backlinks from. Do you run a reputable company? Create a page about your firm in the famous Wikipedia or in any wiki site in your niche. Monitor these pages on a regular basis to make sure no zealot editor will arbitrarily delete it. Do you want to look like an industry expert? Create a HubPage page right away, and you can do it in just 15 minutes.


You can review relevant products at a famous site such as Amazon drawing in some direct customers over time. Create a list of the best products in your niche leaving a link to your site. Review some related sites on Alexa to get even more backlinks and traffic. Use ePinions and other shopping search engines to review services and products in your niche, and this will help you build even more authority over time. You can also use Amazon's Vine program to review some free products, getting more backlinks to your website over time.

Link Trading

You can swap links with relevant partners and in a small scale this will send you tons of traffic and backlinks to your site in no time. Walk away from link trading networks and hubs full of low quality websites hiding the link section at all times.

The page you get links from should be relevant to your site's topic as getting links from off-topic pages will do more harm than good to your site. You should only get backlinks from high quality and high traffic websites that would generate links and traffic back to your site even if big boss Google and search engines did not exist. Thinking about demographics instead of topic will give you more exposure and quality traffic for your website.

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